the natural resources and enforce the law

  • Train  and upgrade the protected area staff
  • Support village hunting areas
  • Monitor and control so that the protected area contributes to the restoration of security in Northern RCA

ECOFAUNE focuses on a "biodiversity core" of a few thousand square kilometers, which should be gradually expanded as a function of the results generated by conservation activities.
These are measured by a monitoring unit assessing the dynamics of wildlife populations, as well as human activities, in order to guide the area management policy.
An aerial census, a foot survey and camera traps allowed an inventory of the area and the assessment of the impact of the armed conflict since 2012 in terms of predation on the large fauna.
Effective law enforcement is critical to the management of the area. Recruitment and training of rangers was conducted to control capabilities, with a continuous monitoring of patrols for effective resource management.
In doing so, ECOFAUNE contributes to the restoration of security in the North CAR, with the implementation of a warning system at the village level.